Lip Blushing

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent tattooing method that adds a light tint of colour to the lips, giving the illusion of fuller lips. A tattooing specialist uses a digital pen designed for permanent makeup to apply pigments to delicate lip skin. The healed results resemble a subtle, matte lipstick look.

Lip Blushing Melbourne

Lip Blush benefits

The Lip blushing reduces makeup time and creates evenly pigmented lips with luxurious colour. The cosmetic tattooing industry is moving towards more natural and realistic results. Lip blush offers a no-makeup look, enhancing your natural lip colour. It provides a gentle, soft lip contour without harsh lines. This technique improves your lips and gives a natural outcome. As we age, we may lose pigment in our lips so that lip tattoos can provide a healthy, youthful look. Lip Blushing Melbourne is not just for women; men can also benefit from this treatment.

Various colours for lip tattoos

The colours used for Lip blushing Melbourne are customized based on the client's natural lip colour and desired outcome. The Permanent Makeup Artist will mix colours to warm or lighten the lips as needed. Some clients may require melamine correction, known as lip neutralization, to address darkness in their lips. It is important to note that the lips will appear darker initially but fade to a softer, more beautiful colour during healing. Trust your permanent makeup artist to help you achieve the perfect tone for your lips.

Before blush lip tattoo

Lip tattooing should be prepared about seven days in advance by moisturizing and gently exfoliating the lips with coconut oil and sugar. This helps facilitate smooth pigment implantation and removal of dryness and flakiness.


The pigment is applied to the lips using a sterilized needle. During the process, you may feel a vibration, tingling, and scratching sensation. Don't worry about the needle; it is not visible to you. The artist uses the needle tip for precise work on the lips. The procedure results are long-lasting, so don't hesitate to try it out.

If you are nervous about needles near your lips, numbing cream can be used. The cream helps with pain tolerance during the procedure. Clients typically experience mild pain. The gel is applied after the first pass on the skin. Lip blush artists can use a unique stretching technique to reduce discomfort.

Steps for a perfect lip blush tattoo

Before starting the procedure, the artist outlines the lips to show the overall look. Staying within the natural lip border and defining edges is crucial. Following the natural lip shape is a guide, and precise pre-drawing along the vermillion border is necessary for lip blushing. Once the client approves of the lip shape, the permanent makeup artist can proceed with the procedure.

Needle outlining can help to enhance colour retention, but outlining may not be necessary for all clients. The decision depends on the natural shape and darkness of the lips. The shading process involves slow pigment saturation through pixelating movements. Checking the colour by wiping the lips is essential during the procedure.

 The healing process 

Clients may experience tenderness and swelling in their lips immediately after the procedure. Those with sensitive skin might also notice some bruising. The colour of the lips may appear bright and bold at first. Within a few hours, the tightness and swelling in the lips typically decrease, with more swelling often observed in the upper Lip.

  • On the second day, there may be some swelling and dryness, with changes in the colour and texture of the lips.
  • By day 3, lips may feel tight and dry, scabs start forming, and itching is normal. Avoid picking at them.
  • Between Day 4 and Day 6, scabs become thicker and fuller and begin to lift, revealing a new lighter colour underneath. Lips may feel dry during this time.
  • By day 7, the significant flaking has subsided, and the colour may appear more natural, potentially lighter than expected.
  • On the twentieth day, the thin peeling persists on the lips. Colouring becomes more profound, with the possibility of lighter spots appearing.
  • By day 30, the lips had healed, and the colour appeared fully developed.


During the healing process, the colour of your lips will change. Do not pick at the scabs that form. Avoid touching your lips and eating salty or spicy foods. Following the aftercare protocol will help your lips heal faster. To prepare for the treatment, ensure your lips are dry. Apply a thin layer of ointment to clean, dry lips.


  • It is essential to keep the lips dry and clean.
  • It is recommended to use a tissue to remove excess lymph.
  • Refrain from activities involving water, swimming, or saunas for 7-10 days. Protect your lips while showering, and wash your face and lips with a gentle soap.
  • It is recommended to avoid exposing your lips to sunlight or tanning beds for at least four weeks.
  • Follow the specialist's instructions by applying some ointment on dry lips. If feeling dry, reapply a thin layer as needed.
  • Finish taking the prescribed antiviral medication to prevent a herpes outbreak.
  • It is recommended to use a straw for drinking, avoid smoking, and steer clear of salty and spicy foods, as they may irritate the Lip and cause the pigment to fade.
  • It is recommended to refrain from sweating and engaging in intense physical activities.
  • Avoid touching, rubbing, or stretching the lips, as itching may be expected.
  • It is recommended to avoid harsh products and makeup on your lips.

Melbourne Lip Blushing

Can lip blush enhance the appearance of lips?

Swelling may occur after a lip blush tattoo but will decrease over time. Lip blush differs from lip fillers as it creates a more defined look without adding volume. It can complement lip fillers by enhancing the definition of the lip borders.

How long does a lip tattoo procedure take?

The Lip Blushing tattooing procedure typically lasts 2-3 hours. Each client's lips absorb pigment differently due to varying skin types. Special care is needed for each case based on individual needs and expectations. Working on well-shaped lips with good texture makes the process easier. The procedure begins with drawing the lip shape, and preparation can take about 1 hour. Working within specific time frames is essential to avoid overworking the sensitive lip skin.

Tattoo lips follow-up appointment

Colour adjustments can be made about 6-8 weeks after the initial session. The colour may appear lighter after the first week. Starting with lighter colours allows for future modifications. Clients may prefer natural or bolder looks. The healing and appearance of the colour can vary for each client. Some clients may need a minor colour correction or additional pigment layers. Most clients require a second session for optimal results. Lip tattooing is gradual and may require multiple sessions for desired results. If the lips do not heal perfectly after the first appointment, additional density can be added at the next visit.

Does overlining lips make them look fuller?

The lip-blush procedure is done within the natural lip contour, as the lip tissue and the skin around the lips have different textures. Lip tissue is smooth and shiny, while the skin around the lips has pores and hair. Working outside the Vermillion border is not allowed. Small corrective work may be done in some cases of minor asymmetries or cleft lips, but an aesthetic medicine doctor should make significant corrections. Doctors do lip injections with hyaluronic acid. Permanent makeup for lips can enhance the natural vermillion border and cupid's bow. The lip blush technique creates a thin lip contour for a more excellent shape that will not be visible once healed.

Does lip blush hurt?

Different individuals have varying pain thresholds, some experiencing slight discomfort even with topical anesthetic gel, while others do not require any numbing creams. Due to the sensitivity of the lips, most individuals may feel pain during the procedure. It is recommended that clients refrain from taking painkillers before the procedure, as they can potentially increase bleeding and bruising.

Tips for caring for your lip blush tattooing

After getting a lip blush, lips may be swollen and tender. The swelling will gradually decrease over time. Swelling is a typical response to getting a lip tattoo. It is recommended for the client to gently blot their lips with a clean tissue to remove excess lymph fluid until the oozing stops.

Lip blushing enhances dark lip colour

Those with lighter lips are good candidates for lip blushing. Darker lips may experience pigment issues due to tattoo trauma. For dark lips, the lipstick effect technique is recommended for colour correction. More pigment may be needed to lighten melanin-rich lips. It may take multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. Light-skinned clients may also have darkness in their lips that needs to be corrected.

How long does lip blush last?

The time spent microblading varies from client to client due to different skin types. Colour retention is influenced by clients' health, lifestyle, and aftercare. Darker colours tend to last longer. Lip blush may need to be refreshed yearly.

What is the healing time for a lip tattoo?

The final colour of lip tattooing can be seen after about two weeks, and it usually lightens as it heals. The second treatment should be scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial session. Lips will peel for about a week but are not ready for a touch-up. Although lips may appear healed after 7-14 days, complete healing takes about four weeks. Healing time varies among individuals and is influenced by age. It's essential to avoid wearing makeup on or around the lips during healing. Lips go through peeling, regeneration, and rebuilding phases after the initial session, and additional work may be needed on the colour and border.

Cosmetic lip tattoo cost

Lip blush tattoos can be costly, ranging from $500-$700  for the initial session. Fans of this procedure praise its natural results and time-saving benefits. Follow-up treatments typically cost less than the initial session. Touch-up sessions are priced at $200-$500 after 6-8 weeks. Some clients may require multiple touch-up sessions, especially those with scars or dark lips. Artists usually want to see healed results to ensure the procedure progresses well.