Eyebrow tattoo natural

Eyebrows are a sore spot for many girls. In past decades, they were subtly plucked, then mastered geometry to build the right shape. Now, in the age of natural beauty, women face an almost impossible task - to achieve the effect of natural eyebrow tattoo Melbourne, moderately broad and thick.

Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne

What is the hair technique?

The hair technique, often called feather tattoo eyebrows, is a permanent procedure indistinguishable from natural brows. This method is prevalent because it helps to add density and volume. Over 1-3 hours, the master, often known as an eyebrow tattoo Melbourne, draws each hair, mimicking the natural direction of growth, density, and thickness of natural eyebrow hairs.

The procedure, which can take 4-6 weeks for complete recovery, is carried out by two primary methods - microblading technique and hardware technique. These methods have significant differences, which you must understand before visiting the brow expert in the salon.

Comparison with microblading - specifics and differences


Microblading (literally, the name translates as "microblading") is a cosmetic procedure where individual hairs are drawn with pigment injected under the skin through direct microincisions.

The procedure is performed with a blade-shaped needle. At the same time, there is an incision and the introduction of pigment; such manipulations are manual, where the specialist draws each natural hair stroke.

This method can be very traumatic and may leave scars.

An experienced master or brow expert should perform microblading. Otherwise, instead of achieving perfect brows, you might end up with scars and a gradual change of colour, potentially veering towards blue.

Errors in the introduction of paint in this way are complicated to correct.

Hair tattooing

The hair machine technique, sometimes called tattooed eyebrows, is an innovation in permanent makeup.

The machine's needle operates similarly to a sewing needle; the paint is introduced through micro-punctures. They heal quickly, often aided by aftercare cream, leaving no scars, and the resulting shade does not change over time, retaining the natural brow hair colour.

With sufficient qualification, the eyebrow tattooist can replicate the natural direction of growth and thickness of natural hairs, creating a look that embodies natural beauty.

Pros of the hair tattoo technique

  • Visual volume and density;
  • Natural look, akin to natural brows;
  • Results that last 1-3 years;
  • Fast rehabilitation.

Such tattooing is challenging to distinguish from "native" eyebrows. Pigments of natural shades are used in the procedure. The shape of the eyebrow, including the brow arch, is selected as close as possible to the natural one. With the help of smooth growing out, the effect of the transition of shades is achieved, visually increasing the volume and density of eyebrows, which makes the look open and refreshes the whole image.

Melbourne Eyebrow Tattoo

Compared to other eyebrow tattoo techniques, this method is less traumatic. Rehabilitation, often supported by an aftercare cream, is not long; the skin quickly recovers.

The effect lasts from 1.5 to 3 years. The speed of pigment dispersion depends on individual characteristics - the type of skin, its thickness, oiliness, and the client's age.

Despite the many advantages, the method is not universal. This type of tattooing is unsuitable for owners of dense, porous, and too oily skin.

With the help of the hardware hair technique, you can

  1. Correct the shape - lengthen, raise or lower the eyebrow arch;
  2. Add volume and density to the hairs;
  3. Eliminate imperfections - scars, scars, gaps or asymmetry;
  4. Create eyebrows in their complete absence, for example, because of alopecia.

Correctly performed permanent makeup, whether for beautiful brows or other features, will allow individuals to abandon daily hair colouring with pencils and mascara for a long time. Masters, or brow experts, will choose the best method of creating the eyebrow shape, taking into account the wishes and features of the client's skin, and the result will please every day for several years.