Benefits to Microblading

Eyebrow microblading Melbourne is a semi-permanent solution for sparse or over-plucked eyebrows, offering a more affordable and accessible option due to advancements in techniques and increased demand for eyebrow microblading in Melbourne.

Eyebrow Microblading Melbourne

What is microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is a technique of cosmetic tattooing that involves filling the brow area with semi-permanent colour through small incisions. This practice originated in Asia, where it was commonly used as a beauty treatment for individuals dealing with hair loss following chemotherapy.

The trend has shifted westward since 2010, providing a convenient solution for individuals looking to enhance their appearance with minimal maintenance.

The effects of microblading can last up to three years, with touch-ups recommended around the 18-month mark. Longevity is just one of the benefits of brow microblading, but it is not the only advantage.

Is Microblading Safe?

When performed by a skilled brow artist, the procedure is considered safe and painless. Using a brush-like needling tool creates a more natural appearance than traditional permanent makeup tattooing.

The process involves using a small, angled comb-like instrument dipped in ink to brush short, gentle strokes upward and out along the desired new brow line. The thin, razor-sharp blades make the procedure virtually painless.

There is a small risk of developing a staph infection if the area is not sanitised correctly before or during the healing process of a microbladed eyebrows procedure. Additionally, there is a possibility of developing granulomas, tiny bumps or knots, after introducing a synthetic substance into the skin, which may not appear for months or even years.

Additional side effects may include:

Possible risks associated with tattoos include allergic reactions to the ink, development of Sarcoidosis, formation of keloids, and potential issues during future MRIs.

Keloids are scars that can grow larger than usual, particularly in individuals prone to the condition. Granulomas and Sarcoidosis may be treated with steroids.

While rare and typically treatable, some individuals may not be suitable candidates for microblading procedures.

It is recommended to avoid or postpone this procedure if you are:

Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, prone to keloids, rosacea, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, have thin skin or are actively undergoing chemotherapy should take precautions.

Individuals with transmissible blood diseases, permanent eyebrow tattoos, or recent BOTOX® injections in the brow area should not undergo microblading.

Microbladed brows typically last around 2 1/2 - 3 hours for the initial application, with touch-ups taking about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Anesthetics are commonly used to minimise discomfort, including a topical cream for numbing the skin and a local anesthetic.

Your technician will assist you in selecting the appropriate shade for your complexion by colour-matching various pigments in the area before finalising the choice. While you may see a difference in your appearance immediately, it will take approximately two weeks for the final effect to settle in fully.

The results are worth it.

Benefits of microblading eyebrows

Microblading can make you look younger

As we age, hair often becomes thinner and more sparse. Micro blading can give you a more youthful, symmetrical, and polished appearance.

Microblading is affordable and accessible

The national average cost for an initial procedure is under $600, which may seem expensive. However, the effects last for over a year before needing a touch-up. It is a cost-effective option when considering the cost of buying makeup, daily brow maintenance, and time spent on grooming.

Your morning routine is faster now

For those looking for a time-saving routine, not having the stress of perfecting your eyebrows can significantly reduce your morning makeup routine.

Stay polished

A well-shaped and groomed brow line can enhance your appearance without needing makeup. It eliminates concerns about evenly shaped brows and ensures a long-lasting look that won't smudge or run, regardless of the weather or activity level.

Effects last a long time

Eyebrows microblading offers long-lasting results, with effects lasting for at least a year or more. A touch-up every 12-18 months is recommended, making it a minimally invasive and relatively pain-free procedure.

Microblading aftercare

After undergoing microblading brows, some swelling and redness are expected in the first few days. The colour will appear more intense for about a week before gradually softening into a more natural look.

The longevity of the effect of the treatment depends on various factors such as the quality of pigments used, age, skin condition, and sun exposure. It is not a permanent solution, so the appearance will gradually fade over a year. With touch-ups and proper care, a complete redo may not be necessary for up to three years.

Aftercare plays a crucial role in achieving a satisfactory outcome following microblading.

Proper wound care is crucial following the procedure, as it involves cutting into the skin. We will provide a healing balm to assist in the process.

Additional aftercare practices are recommended to maintain your new look.

Melbourne Eyebrow Microblading

  • Avoiding moisture and makeup in the area for one week is recommended.
  • Limiting sun exposure
  • Refraining from activities that induce excessive sweating for 14 days, such as sunbathing, intense workouts, saunas, and steam rooms, is recommended.
  • Avoid touching the treated area by scratching, rubbing, tugging, or picking at it.


It is essential to choose an experienced and skilled microblading artist with a proven record of results for successful microblading.

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Eyebrow microblading Melbourne can enhance your eyebrows, framing your eyes beautifully and giving you a more expressive look.

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