Aftercare eyeliner tattoo

Permanent eyeliner tattoo Melbourne are more beautiful and expressive, but it is tedious to draw them every day, and they are not always even and identical. Permanent make-up can help to solve this problem. If the application technique is correctly followed and the proper care is taken after eyelid tattooing, the make-up will last 3-4 years.

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Care after eyelid tattooing

Conditionally, permanent eyeliner healing can be divided into two stages. In the first 3-5 days, the skin is primarily healing because it was traumatised. After all, the pigment is introduced under the skin by piercing it. To such manipulations, the immune system immediately reacts with swelling and redness.

As a result, a crust is formed on the skin, and a renewed layer of skin is formed under it. The plaque is exfoliated during the first week. The next stage is the natural skin regeneration. The skin is finally healed and restored during this period, and the pigment is fixed and manifested. This will require another 2-3 weeks.

The first day

The first day is the most problematic. The eyelids are very swollen and red, and where the arrows are applied, there is liquid - lymph. Immediately after the procedure, the master can apply a protective gel; you must do similar methods yourself. It is best not to leave the house on this day but to devote it to eye care.

Care for eyelid tattooing in the first days is based on observance of some rules: It is not recommended to wash your face or use any cosmetics and solutions with alcohol. The leaking lymph should be removed every hour with cotton swabs soaked in a solution of Chlorhexidine. This remedy is sold in all pharmacies without a prescription and is inexpensive. In case of severe oedema, diuretics and antihistamines can be taken.

Before the crust forms

The crust starts to form on the eyelids on days 3-5. Until then, the skin needs special care. Only antibacterial agents (Chlorhexidine, Miramistin) should be used during this period. On the second day and until the appearance of crusts, they should be used every 2 hours.

You can wash your face, but very carefully. It is better to use mineral or boiled water for these purposes. No ointments should not be used. The swelling is quite intense and stays on the second day. Antihistamines are suitable for its elimination. You can apply cool compresses to the eyes. Ice or a cold metal object should be wrapped in a towel and carefully applied to the eyes to do this. Do not wipe the eyelids directly with ice cubes.

After crusting

After crusts appear on the eyelids, the most important thing is not to try to pull them off. They cause itching, but you can not touch the eyes with your hands. They usually are thin and translucent. After permanent make-up, begin to appear on the third day and thoroughly exfoliate within 7-10 days.

Care using Chlorhexidine should continue to prevent infection after the permanent makeup of the intercostal space until the crusts do not fall off entirely. The frequency of application during this period is already less: it is enough to treat the edge of the eyelids 2-3 times a day. You can compress the eyelids from the decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort, or sage to relieve itching. It is enough to soak cotton discs in a slightly warm decoction (1 tsp. of crushed herbs per 200 ml of boiling water) and hold them on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

After healing process

When the crust falls off, a renewed but still sensitive layer of skin will be underneath. You can wash your face during this period but must not rub your eyes. Using decoctions of medicinal plants for care after permanent eyeliner tattoo Melbourne makeup is good. With routine healing, you can not apply anything additional; just take care of the eyes from the load, dust, and bright sun, and try not to use decorative cosmetics.

You can use Depanthenol 1-2 times a day to speed up the process. Also, after the crust falls off, you can use ordinary cosmetic creams for eyelids with a gentle composition.


For the Cosmetic tattooing eyelids to heal faster, with not so much swelling, and for the pigment to be well fixed, you need to adhere to these rules:


It is forbidden two weeks after tattooing tanning in a solarium or the sun. On the street during this period, you should wear sunglasses.


Saunas, baths, and hot baths are also forbidden - the first two weeks after tattooing, the skin should never be steamed.

Contact lenses

The procedure can not be performed with contact lenses. They should not be worn for at least three days after the cosmetic session because putting them on will cause discomfort, and care for the eyelids will become problematic.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne

Touching the face

Until the eyelids are fully healed, you can not touch your hands, rub them, or exfoliate the crust that forms. This is fraught with infection and poor pigment fixation.


Do not apply eyelid ointments, fatty creams, or cosmetics in the first week. They are allowed only after the crust falls off.


It is necessary to refrain from active sports at least for the first week

Choice of clothing

If possible, during the first two weeks you should not wear clothes with a narrow neck, so that they do not catch your eyes when you put them on accidentally.


Alcohol is prohibited for the first week after the procedure.

Eyelid tattooing is well tolerated in most cases. It is not recommended only in some cases. These include diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, breastfeeding time, and blood clotting disorders. It is not performed during inflammatory diseases of the eyes, allergic reactions when testing for pigment, or with a tendency to keloid scar formation.

When you can wash your face with water after eyelid tattooing

On the first day, it is better not to do it or to carry out hygienic procedures so that the water does not get on the eyes. On the second day of care, it can be washed, but only with cool water after eye tattooing. Looks can be passed, but you can not wipe them; only gently blot them with a towel or paper towel. This washing scheme is kept until the crusts come entirely off; then, you can switch to the usual mode and use micellar water. No hot washes, scrubs, masks should not be used for 2-3 weeks.

When you can colour your eyes after tattooing

It's a complicated restriction, but you can't paint your eyes until the eyelids heal. Ideally, after the procedure, cosmetics (foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.) will have to be abandoned for three weeks.

In extreme cases, you should not use cosmetics for at least 10-14 days until the crusts come entirely off. To remove it, you need to use only gentle means. Within a month after tattooing, eyelids can not use false eyelashes or extensions or perform any procedures with them (colouring, lamination).